Kuredhi Beach Inn, small but luxury hotel

From a sleepy archipelago of pristine coral isles to the world’s most revered holiday destination frequented by the rich and famous of the world, the Maldives’ transformation is as magical as the islands themselves. With modest beginnings with simple resort islands providing non-ac accommodation in thatch huts and serving only set-menu meals, the Maldives tourism industry today boasts the world’s most coveted super-luxury hotel brands providing just about every luxury demanded by the deep pocketed travelers from all corners of the globe. For most average people, the name Maldives has become synonymous of two images – stunning beauty and exorbitantly expensive! This has largely been somewhat true ….. until today!

During the past five or so years, with the emergence of guest house tourism in the inhabited islands of the Maldives, the islands have finally become within the reach for people from all walks of life. Maafushi island located just 27.65 kilometers from the capital Male’ and its adjacent international airport is now a bustling island with a wide choice of guest houses and small hotels providing affordable, yet comfortable accommodation for visitors to the Maldives. The latest addition to the island, Kuredhi Beach Inn will be ready to welcome its first visitors in April 2016.

Enjoy your stay with these comfortable rooms and services.

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